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  • stamped human bacon

    Congratulations, Donald. Another accomplishment for your scrapbook.

    For the first time in history, a presidential emergency declaration has been rejected by Congress.

    I see many more infamous firsts coming for this president.

  • terrainia abbott

    What is going to happen to dc after the trump circus leaves town?

  • Top shelf

    The ice is melting beneath Trump's feet, and he's too colossally stupid to even realize it.

  • BIABx2

    Remember when Lindsey practically cried over how mean they were to Kavanaugh?

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    but... but.. but... Republicans are my lapdogs! I don't understand!! What is this accountability for my actions I hear from others? Crazy talk!!! Never happened before in my life!

  • Ichiban

    Stupid Republicans ...

  • Pro-Marx

    It just goes to show that Romney can be a reasonable person when he's not running for president. Back in 2012 his Republican handlers tried to turn him into something he is not.

  • RG

    The House votes to make Mueller's report public. Graham blocks it in the Senate with deflection. But many of the spin comments are suggesting we won't get to see the report. Like that will ever be acceptable.

    Behind the scenes a lot is going on. Who is being blackmailed or bribed?

    Who really thinks the Russians, experts at espionage and home to sophisticated, government supported hacking, ever backed off from their efforts to undermine America? Our own president undermines the investigation.

    Perhaps the fix is already in. What will we do if it is? I don't trust our own politicians, including most Democrats.

  • SearingTruth

    "Humanity always eventually works together, whether we want it to or not.

    The only difference is whether we work together before, or after, massive death and destruction."

  • Alexis Rivera

    His claim of open borders is so stupid that its hard to not laugh at his face. He won't get the wall and whatever he gets will be defunded the moment the next administration takes over be it GOP or Democrat. His vanity project is dying just like his political career and his lifelong criminal empire.

  • Bill William

    About 40% of the country supports Trump, that is not going to change. The Congress members they elect will support Trump. We are stuck with this two more years, then what?

  • Educated

    Only the poorly educated would support this false emergency that's rooted in bigotry.