In embattled Venezuela, residents line up for hours just to get clean water: 'Look at how we are living'


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  • 𝐀.𝐉.

    Seems Maduro is pretty much clueless about what to do about his country sliding into chaos, but won't listen to anyone else, either. The common sense thing is to let the other guy have a chance at it, but that's not a sure thing and might even be worse.

    Apparently Venezuela will need to hit rock bottom before some sort of consensus to fix the country prevails. They aren't there yet. But, it's still quite horrible and, to me, quite shocking how fast and hard they went down.

  • Keil Bishop

    Ahh, Democratic Socialism... so good for the people... such equality

  • Carol Robbins

    Follow the $$: Russia needs oil, and Maduro is Putin's the math.

  • CaptnBlynd

    In order to be healthy and independent, a nation must be able to feed, house and provide basic services to their population without imports.
    This is why I support nationalism. In an attempt to recreate the basic infrastructure to prevent the same thing happening here.

  • sane one

    I suppose Maduro is going to blame the US for that too? Now I'm waiting for the geopolitical side of this to hit the price of oil on the market with the electricity issues.

  • Librarian53

    I do suspect that their electricity has been sabotaged, the timing is too convenient.

    Ask why yet another country with lots of oil seems to be a target to have a puppet regime installed.

    The sanctions the U.S. put on Venezuela definitely made things much worse for people. Even oil payments owed the country are blocked by the U.S.

    We need to stop with regime change in other countries, we are really bad at it, the people are always worse off after we interfere.

    Renewables, not oil!

  • 𝐀.𝐉.

    It's scary how fast what we call civilization can crumble to dust.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Maduro needs to take his loot and
    run before he ends up like Mussolini.

  • truthseeger_2002

    Ah, the joys of socialism. How 'bout a bread line for an encore?

  • jenn wee

    who cares ..people in central Africa are being slaughtered by the thousands why don't we hear about that ? because that doesn't fit the liberal media agenda of why we should allow illegals.

  • Troyal

    Oh socialism.

  • Hawkman100

    The problem here isn't whether Maduro is right-wing or left-wing.

    The problem is that Maduro is thoroughly incompetent.

  • disqus_eSwJDGJ7te

    Yep, the media like to blame the hardships of the people on the socialist government and don't mention the effects of the economic squeeze the US empire exerts.

  • Gargamel

    I don't have anything to complain about.