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  • Paul Smith

    Is this why Nancy suddenly doesn't want to impeach Trump? She has extremely poor taste in men.


    I hope Pelosi took a shower after that.

  • wat

    Look, I probably lose sleep over Trump 4 nights a week, but he could jump into a lava pit to save a puppy and you people would still criticize him over it. Jesus, get over yourselves. Your comments are disingenuous, and it hurts your credibility and cause. It takes two halves to be divisive.

  • digital bookworm

    The way she's got a hold of his arm, maybe she thought he was going for the p***y. 🤔

  • StormyDaniels

    More like sexual assault to me. "When you the President you can grab pusseee". Kinda verifies the tape where he said all that.

  • Andrew Lum

    Kiss of death !!!

  • notorious


  • carcar

    Ew. Did he move in on her?

  • Grrrrrr

    Nancy, even bathing in tomato juice will not remove the stench of Trump... you'll just have to let it wear off. Plus, burn your clothes.

  • unusual

    That was not a "rare, warm gesture" - it was Trump asserting his domination over a woman ("you can do anything you want to them and they let you") and unless Pelosi invited the kiss and the hug, it was a physical assault. He still hasn't learned to keep his hands to himself.

  • Truthfully

    Nancy trying to defend herself from a groper. Not an affectionate kiss!
    Disgusting trump!