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  • Bingo

    Glad the NZders don't care about voting and the NRA and all the money gun orgs represent. They care about life. Something the disgraceful administration we have does not. (Only their own).

  • Robertarvid Johnson

    The tourist industry has a very lucrative branch, the 'Game Farm', usually a remote wild holding stocked with fenced-in exotic game animals. very private and catering to wealthy and brave trophy hunters who must display a plethora of heads in their homes. Other farms are devoted to 'more sheep than people', but NZ's major industry is really tourism and part of that depends on personal firearms.

  • brad

    Thank you 'Social Media.'

  • Del Capslock

    Is now the time to talk about it? I believe the NRA would say nay.

  • Hawkman100

    Gun laws are going to change in New Zealand, says the Prime Minister.

    That's what you get when you don't have a head of government that bows down to the whims of a psychopathic organization like the National Rifle Association.

  • Sharon Peters

    we don’t need no more gun laws if I want a maceene gun that is my own busness

  • Time Immemorial

    Why not ban religion which is the obvious catalyst for this event?

  • Army Brat

    The worst part about this massacre is that Trump when given a softball question about white nationalism punts . We expect our leaders to denounce these madmen in no uncertain terms but as usual I Trump doesnt see the rise in right wing hate crimes as a problem . Well of course he doesn’t because they represent a good portion of his base

  • Indie6050

    The 2a, like other amendments is not always taken in a entirely literal sense. From the scotus and Justice Scalia.
    the majority opinion, written by conservative bastion Justice Antonin Scalia, states: “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited…”. It is “…not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

    “Nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms insensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

  • Army Brat

    The ADL who tracks all hate crimes says right wing extremism Is responsible for the majority of these horrid attack’s and since Trump was elected there had been a 18% increase

  • Camus53

    Meanwhile Rush, Fox, of course BB, and many others are attempting to blame this on the left.

    The shooter was and is a nihilist. His writings and social media make that clear...right wing yes...nihilist for sure.In this sense he appeals to both the far right and the far left...the very far fringes of each side.

    Who might you ask is one of the leading nihilists in this country? Who has written and spoken about the need to blow up, literally destroy to dust and ash our existing societal, political and social foundations? Whose ideology fits in squarely as he himself has said with leninism?

    Well that would be Steve Bannon. Someone who had the ear, perhaps still has the ear, and sat by the right side of our president...don the con. So when you sit and wonder just what the heck was donnie thinking with some of his outrageous tweets and statements? Think about trump's, Steve's and the loons on the fringes of both sides who all have a disdain for order. Who believe in chaos as providing change. Dangerous times, dangerous people.

  • DëvïĬDőgsPāÿBãćk

    Of course the gun laws will change in NZ. There is no well funded lobby for gun manufacturers there.

  • colloguy

    Meanwhile, on the Fox News comment section, the majority of comments are justifications for the shooting.
    Not an exaggeration, a number of those people that it is justifed the killing of innocent people because they don't have the same religions.

  • trumpIsALyingRat

    this is a direct consequence of unfettered Islamic population growth. the shooter was a victim as well.

  • comments1

    This causes a terrible conundrum for the NRA. Their position on this would naturally be to issue automatic weapons to all worshippers at Mosques, but that would come into direct conflict with the xenophobic racism of their base of angry white guys. Maybe we should just issue guns to all the angry white guys instead, which is pretty much where we are today.

  • arlecchino

    What a senseless tragedy.