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  • Bud Simpson

    The world needs to come together and decide how to deal with these cowards that arm themselves to the teeth and then pick a docile defenseless location to slaughter.

    These spineless cretins need to be humiliated, debased and eliminated, and do it quickly.

  • disqus_VTtXsRxSgB

    It is most unfortunate that both Norway and New Zealand do not have capital punishment for cases such as these.

    Instead, they have comfy jails - where violent murderers have their own cells with private showers, a private TV, and other amenities such as recording studios, yoga classes, and you name it.

    Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people, actually complained that part of his allegedly inhumane treatment included not having a wide enough selection of video games in prison.


  • Jonas Blane ll

    At least he called it terrorism. Unlike here where leaders don't call out white terrorism.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    The usual profile of a shooter--someone who is insecure about himself as a person, externalizes all blame to others, picks on downtrodden or minorities, acts out by shooting. Seen it before. Many times. Wish it would stop.

  • OceanwalkSurfer

    We all remember when the Norway shooter gave Trump the credit for inspiring him.

  • david

    He said that Trump was the "symbol of White Identity". So how much damage can Trump (directly or indirectly) do before we are stained as a country forever?

  • Ronald Bandor

    Just another example.

    Gin up anger against a group of people and then act surprised when this happens.

    (The above message had to be reposted because someone reported it. Lol. Pathetic.)

  • John Michael Davis

    OMG, the comments are working? I had so much to say earlier, now I got nothing.

  • mrphilbert

    I think we all know why drumpf never writes his own condolences. How can he write about a feeling that he is not capable of?

  • HamburgerHelperAgain

    Looks like the comments on Breitbart have to be pre-aproved. They must have some really sick comments over there or maybe trying to filter out comments condemning the actions of the shooter (Like mine)

  • HamburgerHelperAgain

    The shooter compared himself to Nelson Mandela and believed that he would receive a Nobel Peace Prize after he gott out of prison. Insane!

  • Dicazi

    So awful when people are attacked and murdered at any house of worship.
    Hate will always lose in the end, but it's so sad when it succeeds for a moment.
    Praying for strength for the people affected.


    Reports on other news sites say that this monster's first victim, with the gun pointing at him, said "hello brother..." Love confronted by hate and still showed love.

  • Gargamel

    No matter how they appear on the outside, you never know what is inside the mind of another human being.

  • adamrussell

    "They (police) said two more have been arrested in connection with what they called an "unprecedented" attack, and that they had defused explosive devices in a car."

    See this isnt just a lone crazed gunman. It is a conspiracy.

  • david

    Are we done "winning" yet?

  • Prophet With Honor

    This caused Trump to pull down his threatning tweet about his tough supporters having a breaking point.