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  • Dallas

    Yeah we're all bad! Wait, we don't wear masks and carry clubs like the other party!

  • EvilAtheist

    I've never met a Trump supporter who wasn't as cowardly as they are fat and stupid.

  • Marc

    Trump is a guy whose entire career has been dedicated to two timeless propositions. First, that there is a sucker born every minute. Second, that the truth is whatever he can get away with. Unfortunately we live in a time where many people have zero understanding that "winning at all costs" is eventually a losing trajectory for all. But to historians this comes as no surprise since history is full of human depravity.

  • James

    He's scared.

  • May

    The Emperor had, once again, lost his clothes.

  • Mike Kennedy

    More threats and veiled signals to his supporters to attack anyone who disagrees with trump. Nothing but a thug and mobster president.

  • DK1

    Ah Trump...wannabe mafia don playing POTUS.

  • Eteamer

    I don't think anyone in law enforcement supports trump, I know the FBI doesn't.

  • Cammosutra

    I see a political ad in 2020. President Trump's statement being played with that picture of him hugging the American flag as the background.

  • stamped human bacon

    Today, I'm going out to a place where both haters and lovers of Trump will gather together in common celebration - where we'll all just be a little bit Irish, regardless of genetics or political affiliation. Everyone having a good time together.

    This is part of what really makes America great.

  • SJ Benny

    Tough guy trump is calling for violence. The self proclaimed "law and order" candidate is calling on his glazed over and nutty cult followers to perpetrate violence against his perceived enemies. He is a loser and a fraud of unprecedented proportion.

  • Mr Wayne

    If this is not a veiled threat, I don't know what is. My Grandfather told me more than 40 years ago that my generation would see the downfall of American democracy. I fear this dictatorial Hitler wannabe wants to bring about this downfall. It does seem to be his endgame.

  • Jan

    He sounds like a gang member. He needs to stop the threats.He just told his citizen supporters to hate and be physically violent again towards any opponent backlash.This is what they hear. And the crazies start coming out shooting people or confronting them with racism.

  • Mike Thumm

    So, it's cool when Maxine Waters does it?

  • tet1953

    Instead of wishing people a happy St. Patrick's Day, the president is tweeting this nonsense:
    "So it was indeed (just proven in court papers) “last in his class” (Annapolis) John McCain that sent the Fake Dossier to the FBI and Media hoping to have it printed BEFORE the Election. He & the Dems, working together, failed (as usual). Even the Fake News refused this garbage!"

    Beating on a dead man. I would like to see Donnie release his own transcripts and see how he compares. Maybe somebody could figure out his class standing by learning everyone else's in his class.

  • Mark Couture

    One of trumps issues is he's never had an ass whooping. Then he would understand why he shouldn't talk crap or risk it happening again. But i'm not suggesting someone whoop his ass right Kellyanne

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    "I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad," he said."

    Case in point, New Zealand.

  • Doug

    Only 20 months to go before we can vote this fool OUT.

  • Sacredfeminine

    Perhaps it’s time we embrace our second amendment rights and prepare to defend ourselve, our country and our freedom. It looks like it may come to that. It’s a sad day when our president encourages violence against his opposition. He seems to forget that his job is to protect all Americans, not just his supporters. I don’t care what party our next president is from as long as that person has integrity, honesty, compassion, and seeks to unify instead of divide. Trump must go.

  • FreeYourMind

    Well Trump sycophants and devotees.

    Are you tough? Tougher than Trump's opponents?

    Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what Trump was saying about you and to you.

    When he says it will be very bad, very bad, what does that mean. He's talking about you, so... you must know.

  • Engagebrainbeforefingers

    Interesting, especially coming from a 5 X draft dodger.......

  • Ronny Demeyere

    With this American dictator, the US is nothing better than Russia with poutin. Like Russia, the US withdraws from the International Criminal Court and refuses to grant visas to employees of the International Criminal Court to hide its criminal actions. How quickly a community tumbles from a pseudo democracy to a dictatorship. One dictator at the top and it has happened in less than two years

  • Babooph

    OMG we could all be hit with malox bottles& spit at with snuff.

  • khantot

    The words of a hallucinating moron. Only the white nationalists support this idiot, no one else.

  • harveyyaz

    The psychologically-disfigured, 14 year-old schoolyard bully in an obese 74 year-old body continues his assault on our democracy and institutions. All with the full approval of Mitch McConnell and Trump's supporters.

  • Davis

    Donnie wants to bring out the Brownshirts. The most perverse thing about it is that Trump is so ignorant of history that he’s not aware that he’s a fascist. He’s not aware that he’s emulating a fascist dictator. He’s just reacting instinctively and his instincts are totalitarian and racist.

  • otm

    I'm willing to bet Trump "supporters" do nothing when they perp walk you out of the white house.

  • kobrakai6868

    During the early years of the Mexican Revolution nobody was bigger and badder than Pancho Villa. The army and the police and most everybody else in Northern Mexico sided with him. After pacifying almost of Northern Mexico singlehandedly, he marched on Mexico City, . He was on he verge of becoming El Primer Jefe of the whole country and probably going down as one one of he most beloved men in Mexican history. But while everybody else was reading up on how the French and Germans were killing each in such astonishing numbers in the early days of World War I, Pancho Villa was busy reading and believing too many friendly press clippings. Within a year, his army was gone and he was hiding in caves with a handful of semi-loyal followers who were looking to turn him over to the army the first chance they got and he is remembered both inside and outside of Mexico as nothing more than a second-rate bandito. El Presidente has a lot of Pancho Villa in him.

  • JonnyDeuce

    Bikers for Trump? Must be a very small organization. Their units must be too.

  • jims444

    This is the words of a tough guy dictator warning Americans not to dare remove him. Are we going to allow this? If we do, America we've known and loved is done and so are we.

  • Lee Thompson

    Trump really is a dotard. I wish someone would stuff a sock in his mouth, or better yet, one of those way too long ties he wears.

  • Paul Smith

    Wow! Hey Trump our tax dollars pay the secret service that protects you. That's all Americans. Not just your racist minority.

  • Reply

    Wait until his buddies running NK, China, and Russia turn on him. He'll find out in short order what "tough" really is. His bands of loyalists won't be able to save his hide then.

  • Regular Guy in Colorado

    Who talks like that? Only a child talks like that. Mommy, those guys are very bad. I cringe whenever Trump speaks. He communication has no syntax and is laden with fluff and superlatives: very, not, good, bad, things, billions, great, fake, weak, yuge,

  • kittenpops1

    Classic mobster

  • John bailey

    Alley rat in chief.

  • Hugo Diedericks

    Trump is a weak man

  • Forward forward

    Imagine if Obama had called on Democrats to resort to violence if they were politically thwarted.

  • Sarah Levine

    Trump is preparing for a damning Mueller by threatening the democracy with violence from his goonish followers:

    "I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump," Trump said to Breitbart in an interview Monday after reportedly being asked about "how the left is fighting hard."
    "I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough — until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad," he said.

    What do they call that again? Oh, yeah a dictator with a dog whistle.