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  • The Terminator

    From local news,

    "According to the DA, first responders found Wilbur's body on the first floor with a traumatic injury that appears to have occurred before the fire began. They later found the bodies of Karpinski and the three children on the upper floor of the home.

    Investigators also located evidence of accelerant in different parts of the home, including two 20-pound propane tanks on the upper floor, Harrington said.

    Police did not find any evidence of firearms in the home."

  • claudia dunkirk

    Cause of death probably gunshot wounds, since guns are used in 80% of all US homicides.

  • Deep Cover

    What's up with all the Murder-Suicide-House-Fires? Do everyone a favor and pick one for YOURSELF, you psycho-morons.

  • Marly Duran

    This is a tragic story. Two very accomplished people along with 3 young children, senselessly killed.
    A family that seemed to have it all. We never really know what's going on inside another's mind, but when it leads to this it just rocks all our foundations.
    My condolences to their family and friends in this heartbreaking time.

  • Dewey

    "A father of three appears to have killed his wife and his children, then taken his own life and set fire to the family home "

    probably not in that order

  • Lee Thompson

    Such a sad story. Innocent children at the mercy of an unbalanced father with a gun.

  • Mick

    Guns a right that's wrong. Consumers are the last people that should own a gun as they can't be trusted with them.