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  • anomomuss

    JUST DO IT! The majority of Americans are tired of the bombast, coded hate speech to incite his always angry base.

  • jimrussell

    Bring it on Herr Donny and Minion Miller. When it comes to
    being smaller than your hands and dumber than your hairdoo, Trump has no equal.
    Look at the map dummy the sanctuary cities are where the majority of Americans
    live and jobs are. They are where the national economic engines of business, manufacturing,
    services, finance, research, corporate headquarters, great universities, etc,
    reside. Not the old intolerant, but changing, Confederacy or the empty more
    jack rabbit’s than a few rube and hick white people only fly over States live.
    Donny you are an intolerant incompetent national embarrassment, in need of a
    mental health intervention. Your ignorance and continuing crime wave enabled by
    a paralyzed cowardly and frightened Republican Party will soon be over.