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  • RQP

    "57 reports of sexual harassment over a decade. The report notes this number of reports is low for a workforce the size." Obviously reporting didn't do anything except make the person reporting feel nervous about retaliation. We know members of congress lie and are only out for themselves. They even had government funds to pay off individual indiscretions and crimes. Most became multimillionaires while in office at a salary of only $200,000.00/year. Schumer now worth $83 million. How does that happen through legal mean?

  • Defiant

    When an MSM source like ABC offers up the TOTAL number of Congressional sexual harassment claims--but (glaringly) decides NOT to break them down by party--one must assume that the Champions of Women's Rights, on the Left, are disproportionately represented. (I know, I know...DUH!)

  • RuleroftheElves

    Authority has never been known for abiding by law. That is for the little people.


  • JohninRedding

    Most politicians are dirty, disgusting people. We need term limits for US Senators and Congressmen.

  • disqus_h8AuBohxXn

    Will this lead to all the payment info for sexual assaults by congress being released? I sure hope so!

  • Guy Kibbee

    56 of those was Joe Biden.

  • Richard Piotrowski

    I'm shocked. Shocked!

  • Johnny Kay

    And the working definition of "sexual harassment' used in this investigation was, what? -- "Anything that made you feel uncomfortable"?

    As with any investigation the outcome of which is decided mostly in advance, the criteria for “sexual harassment” was no doubt constructed broadly so that jokes, complements, and asking someone for a date -- non-events offensive only to hypersensitive weaklings or those trying to score points -- were grouped together with real instances of sexual harassment such as quid-pro-quo demands and assault. And even then, they were only able to generate 57 reports in ten years.

    The question now is this -- how much money will the “victims” need to heal?

  • jguy1957

    We have FOIA for all admin agencies but the Congress will never let nothing like that for them - why? We should have transparency of all government branches. I think Congress is the most corrupt as they are in place for the longest - we need term limits for Congress both Rep and Senator.

  • FLirishPM59

    Now we can end the speculation about what happened to Harry Reid and his infamous "black eye" he supposedly got from faulty gym equipment. He made sexual overtures to the wrong person and ended up with a beat down. That's more plausible than claiming a Bowflex tension bar slipped and smacked him in the eye socket. I've used a Bowflex for 12 years and never once had anything like that happen.

  • gordo53

    For the uninitiated, you should know that there is an unwritten but very strict code of silence for those working in the federal government that extends well beyond members of Congress. There is great reluctance on the part of workers to report sexual harassment or other misdeeds because it is a near certainty that there would be reprisals. If you should get the chance, ask your congressperson why members of Congress don't EVER report felonies committed by their colleagues (there are plenty). If he/she is honest, the answer will be that it's against the rules.

  • Stan Wiggins or maybe not

    How many were settled with the previously "secret" slush fund used to reach agreement on other Congressional sexual harassment claims, and why can't the public find out which members of Congress or their staff are the guilty, or accused, party?

  • L. Masco

    My advice to women AND men on The Hill? Wear a covert body camera at all times. The District of Columbia has a one-party consent law, so you are the only one that need know about the recording.

  • bubba60609

    Name names, please. It's usually the self-appointed high & mighty types.

  • soldiervet

    No doubt, this 57, are all Democrats, including the vile Kennedy.. Had there been just one Republican, be it RINO within that 57, Democrat ran fake media rags like ABC News would of blasted their name on page one across the land!..

    Even so, as shameful as it is, not even sleaze and criminality will stop the utter morons, illgeal aliens, druggies, felons and the "dead" from "voting" democrat and media "cheerleaders" from protecting them!.. Oblama and felon Hitliary committed all sorts crimes including treason, yet the mindless drones still voted for them (including an estimated 5 million illegal aliens for Hil-liary)..

  • texexpatriate

    They know and we out here in real America know that 535 of 535 members of congress are corrupt and perniciously petty. Of course no ordinary worker wants to talk about what goes on there. D.C. is more accurately called the District of Corruption.

  • triggerfish

    Name the NAMES!

  • Backinthesaddle

    Identify them, hold them accountable, and make certain there are consequences!

  • Hayekian

    You go into someone's private space to clean and find a dirty picture...you have not been sexually harassed!
    You eavesdrop on a private conversation and hear a dirty joke, you have not been sexually harassed!

    As Hitchens famously stated: " if you are determined to be offended by balancing yourself on top of your toilet tank while peering into your neighbor's window, there is absolutely nothing that society can do to shield you from being offended."

  • Peter York

    it's known as the Subpeona Duces Touchem, the Oh Dear Voir Dire, and the Gag Order.

    generally, a legislator can take any worker under his jurisdiction and into congress during evening hours.

  • Palm Beach Bum

    Congressmen and George Costanza.

  • subtext9

    Legislative work product often includes research that happens after hours in the office when the lights have dimmed and sweet, sweet music begins. While these goings-on might be misinterpreted by a casual or outside observer, they are critical to legislators' mastery, as a foundation for enacting fresh new laws that oppose and penalize such activities.

  • CrusadaB

    Moderators didn't like my post...no profanity...just swamp talk.

  • Wiki Grrrl

    Your tax dollars at work. fweet fweet!

  • Lowell_George

    No names? Must be all Democrats. 5 years ago I might have not believed that but given the lying the MSM, including ABC, have engaged in over the last 2 years what am I to believe? That this particular story is not being presented with bias or a political agenda that protects Democrats when so many other stories do?

  • USVoter

    We really need to see that list of all congressional sexual harassment claims paid off with taxpayer funds. I'm a lot more interested in that than I am in Trump's tax returns.

  • Smiler Grogan

    You mean the swamp is filthy? (Gasps in horror)

  • Lafango

    safe to assume that Essholes are Dems.

    It they were Rs, that would have been mentioned in the headline.

  • pineconeK

    Pay them off from the not-so-secret fund of taxpayer money that buys the silence of those harassed by members of Congress. And when will we ever learn the names of those aggressors?

  • BogartRennie

    You want this to stop? Make the slush fund of $17 million already paid out from taxpayers public (redact plaintiff, show congressional member/staff). We'll see who talks from both sides of their mouth pretty quick. Democrats or Republicans I don't care...I want to see the "full report".

  • Play Righter

    Over a ten year period. Leaves a lot to the imagination.

  • Hank R

    10 years? That seems a little excessive to me. Assuming the report is true, why doesn't it name the harassers? Why are legislators above the law?

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Congress, Senate, state, and local representatives. You were elected by us to represent us, not to elicit sex, look at porn, steal from the treasury, pad your pockets from lobbyists touting special interests, nor to cater to billionaires. YOU'RE THERE TO REPRESENT US!

    Behave yourselves and start representing the people who put you there!!!!!

  • That Guy

    Must be a Republican or you would not be seeing this on MSM.

  • Htos1

    You know that little Apple/linux computer telecom thingy you have in your hand? Use that. Instead of reporting like a CIA "managed" asset.

  • astralweeks

    Name names, especially those who used the 'slush' fund to payoff victims.

  • Lucy Lawless

    You know, I’ve got somewhat of a solution. We should clean up the capitol by eliminating it. In the age of Skype, there is no reason representatives should hang out in a pack. They should sit it their respective capitol where their constituents can keep them in check. It would keep them modest, it would eliminate an easy target for lobbyists, it would remind them of who they work for.

  • Stephen Brooks

    10 years of harrassment?... That would put the alleged sexual abuse near the tail end (no pun intended) of Bush II's Administration, but, mostly, over the course of the Obama Administration.
    Yeah... This is gonna go away, shortly, I suspect?

  • Farfel

    Wait! 57 times over 10 years? So 5 times per year, or once every two months, someone out of thousands of staff people(reading the article, it was NOT necessarily the lawmakers). This is nothing!! The reporters are probably looking for one specific Republican to pin this on, despite it almost certainly being equally distributed among the entire set of staff people. Talk about fake news....

  • Stephen Brooks

    Short story for such a serious problem... Gurss where this is going "fast"?

  • Wrong House

    Those running the country have all the morals of an alley cat.

  • Defaulted

    Not called the swamp for nothing.

  • J. S. Mason

    Twenty years ago the bar was drastically lowered by a certain POTUS. One party condoned it. Hence, now.

  • greggreen29

    As someone said the Human Resources department of any agency or company is there to protect the agency, not the workers.

  • golfnut6

    Remember the Congressional slush fund to pay off girls who claimed sexual attacks, harassments? Mentioned here? What was official name for the fund?

  • 9 Iron

    Finally, something both parties can agree on.

  • Ponyexpress

    Jees! What a surprise . Screwing with the help!

  • David M.

    I've read they have a sort of 'petty fund' as pay-off, so this is most likely true. They should give us their names. Don't the folks they represent have the right to know what their representatives are really doing 'cause they're not doing much else? I suspect they're mostly democrats so we won't hear much further on this.

  • aslannn

    So this is what journalism has come to. Just regurgitating "reports". Where's the follow up? Where are the interviews with the Capitol employees? Where are the attempts to track down the perpetrators? How far "journalists" have fallen. This entire story can be boiled down to, "Some people said some stuff happened."

  • Bill D Wall

    The Kennedy Clan is glad Teddy’s dead.