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  • Doug

    The design engineers wanted the Max series to be a Clean Sheet design. Boeing is heavily into competition with Airbus. Boeing took much larger engines and attached them to the older airframe which altered the planes weight and balance and caused the plane to want to fly in a nose up attitude. The software was there to force the nose down. No matter what software fix they come up with, it is still an inherently unstable design. My guess is that the entire fleet will need to be scrapped. For myself, software fix or not, I will not fly on the Max Series. Ever.

  • c0reDump

    American Airlines can't fly these planes even if they wanted too -- the planes are grounded the world over.

  • Rubester

    All airlines will sue Boeing to recover any lost revenue!

  • Dicazi

    The Ethiopean pilots turned the system off, and reportedly could not regain control.
    Sounds like they turned it back on because they thought that wasn't the problem.

  • Jeff

    When will the FAA Certification Process be reviewed??? It's absurd that a system with NO redundant sensor could have any significant level of authority, especially a Angle of Attack sensor, which are known to fail quite often. Something is horribly wrong at the FAA and at Boeing ... both are to blame, and there could be some criminal wrong doing underneath all this ... where is the federal investigation??

  • j penske

    I still don't see why there is even any software necessary to recover from a stall. Stall recovery can be very easily and effectively done by the pilots, who are trained in stall recovery from the first few hours of touching an airplane for the first time.

  • Liars N. Fools

    Buy Airbus.

  • Timulculin

    There is no "software" fix that's going to get me back on these planes. They need a switch that can turn off the MCrASh system without turning off the pilot controlled elevator trim motors.

  • Socmel

    Boy I bet they’re glad they saved a little money with newly allowed sub-par “training” programs! Let’s allow other industries to save a buck by deregulating! What could go wrong?

  • Jay Cee

    Not Delta. They don't have any 737 Max aircraft.
    Southwest had a deal with Boeing that no training would be required for the 737 Max or it would cost Boeing $1 million per plane. That explains why the bad aerodynamics and MCAS was kept a secret.

    Google and watch the video; cnn com/2019/04/05/business/boeing-737-max-production-cut/index

    Google "Airlines have completely stopped ordering the 737 Max"

    It's lipstick on a pig. To get an idea of how old and out of date this deadly kluge of an aircraft is
    Google "Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s Design, 1990s Computing Power and Paper Manuals" on NY Times and decide if this old pig should continue.

    Nader is right. Go get 'em.
    Google "Ralph Nader Calls For Recall Of Boeing 737 Max Jets After His Grandniece Was Killed" on NPR.
    Google "Ralph Nader on Boeing 737 Max: "Those planes should never fly again"

    Only if they corrected the aerodynamics so MCAS isn't needed (like every other airliner) and it's recertified by someone other than Boeing and the FAA should it fly again.

    Another critical software flaw was found regarding the flaps. Boeing only checks for errors after crashes now? What else is wrong with it?
    How many other "flaws" are there that haven't caused crashes yet?

    Boeing workmanship is so bad on the Air Force's new tanker aircraft that they have refused any more deliveries. Tools and parts were found left inside sealed areas of the aircraft. Have the Max aircraft been inspected for garbage?

    Google: 737 Max is the deadliest mainstream airliner

  • TexasVulcan

    This is going to take some pretty extreme damage control by Boeing. They need the fix, they need it tested and they need to provide assurances to carriers. Stockholders better be prepared to take a big hit.

  • stamped human bacon

    Put two capable pilots in the cockpit and I'll fly in them all day long. Still needs fixing though.

  • Nick

    American Airlines and Southwest doing the same grounding their 737Max fleet is saying they don’t trust it nor the Boeing fixes. Boeing needs to redesign the 737 again since I predict no one will be flying it.