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  • Paul Smith

    I always thought teachers were supposed to be smart. This one is pretty stupid.

  • Charla

    As much as these issues have been in the news recently, why are teachers continuing to cross the line? Oh, I know. Because the indoctrination starts in school and teachers have biases that they release into the classroom.

  • Dicazi

    Their culture?
    Slaves were punished for even speaking their native languages.
    And how could they teach their kids games when both were expected to work from sunup to sundown?

  • Fatesrider
    One of the black students, MaHailey Stephens, told WITI-TV that she and her classmates were separated into groups based on race and asked to research games from their cultures.

    This was beyond racist. It's a GYM CLASS.

    The "culture" of the people in that class was "American", since they are from America. If they were looking to research what games are played in other parts of the world, that wouldn't include "slave games", because there is no part in the world where slavery is considered part of anyone's "culture".

    Had this been a social studies class, or a history class, assigning the class to research games from the past wouldn't have been unfounded, but basing that on "culture" by parsing out the students by "race" is still racist. Most Americans are mutts who had ancestors which came from multiple cultures.

    With this being a gym teacher doing the assigning, then there's no way to think of it as anything BUT racist.