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  • Joseba-Sier

    So what about Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Congo.. all invaded by the Castro regime.. ask the cubans how they had to leave Angola too.. and Castro words: We are not leaving Venezuela alone.. (is Venezuela or its OIL?)

  • DK1

    While I don't like China's policies nor the idea that they are involved in Latin America, they are not wrong in what they said. The U.S. has a long history of mistreating Latin countries to serve our own purposes.

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Just like China treated Tibet, and is treating other, neighboring countries. Human nature? Then human nature needs to be changed!

  • sdoubledub

    Says the country in Asia meddling across the Pacific

  • styants64

    The Chinese government is fascist and not to be trusted international socialism i.e. Marxism is converted into national socialism not much difference in the way it behaves.

  • Lee Thompson

    The U.S. as a whole doesn't treat Central and South America badly. That's Trump and his supporters, and that is a minority of this great nation.

    The majority of this nation isn't racist and bigoted.

  • truth hurts

    china destroys other nation economy by dumping
    why not allow democracy in china give freedom to its people

  • truth hurts

    china buys nation with money does not allow democracy in china or anywhere in world not a constructive role in world peace

  • bigdata27

    ...and how does China treat Nepal and Tibet? Its all about controlling their water....

  • Jack Webb

    Why in the world would we want to own third world countries with overwhelming poverty and crime?

  • Paul Wright

    Why does ABC News act like this is an insult? It's called the Monroe Doctrine and is part of what makes America Great.

  • bobcat4424

    Our backyard? Kinda like China treats Tibet????? Not really.

  • ctyragdoll

    China is like the guy you catch at 2:30am rooting through your back yard for whatever it can steal.

  • JamAnderson

    its because it is our backyard. More like the outhouse

  • Joe Hannay

    Wait.... how does China treat Taiwan? Hmmmmmmm interesting

  • tchir

    The U.S. is posturing and the idiot correspondent by the name of Ruffini from CBS asked lard derriere, Pompeo if the U.S. was ready to use military force against Venezuela. Yeah right, the U.S. would not in 1000 years challenge Russia militarily or for that matter China let alone both. The U.S. can't even win in Afghanistan against the Taliban, a 7th century AD band of quasi Stone Age tribesmen. The Taliban now control more territory in Afghanistan than they did when the U.S.invaded Afghanistan right after 9/11, pretty pathetic soon to be 18 years ago this coming fall.

  • Max Dragonard

    Well, well, well. The pot calls the kettle black. Interesting.

  • ruelph

    Two words, Monroe Doctrine!

  • Anon

    Because it is the U.S's backyard.

  • Antwon

    Just a reminder, China is the only nation in the world with an open investigation into state sponsored organ harvesting

  • Prog Nosis

    Yeah, its called the Monroe Doctrine. The US has been pretty obvious about it for quite a while.
    Considering that Trump wants to build a big wall to keep people in the "backyard" from getting into the country, I wonder if China considers Mongolia its backyard? (This is a reference to the Great Wall of China and Mongolian raiders, just in case its not obvious...)

  • AB CD

    My request to America, Please do not listen to China, China wants to be world's super power. I bet you within few years, China will own Taiwan, some disputed Islands, Part of North Korea, Pakistan (Pakistan is financial broken ) China will control Pakistan. America needs to help Taiwan, China thinks all oriental countries are belong to China.

  • AB CD

    Do America has to listen China? America did not listen to United Nation and the whole world for Iraq war.

  • rmm200

    Not nearly as badly as China treats Tibet - or Hong Kong.
    Or the Mongols. Or Taiwan if it gets it. The examples are endless.

  • James M Grandone

    While China treats Africa like its personal Wal Mart.

  • Moose

    as far as i'm concerned china and the US are at war. china started this war with their economic model built on theft and abuse of workers. i support any action against china, including militarily.

  • flatrock

    Maduro and his predecessor Chavez have turned the prosperous nation of Venezuela into a humanitarian disaster. They claimed to be acting in the interests of everyday Venezuelans. They nationalized industries and put them under government control. Then Maduro has cronies on the Supreme Court annul the opposition-led congress. He rigged the last election to prevent him from being replaced. He's acting as a dictator and an incompetent one.
    One tenth of the country's population has already fled. China and Russia have decided to support Maduro despite the severe harm he is doing to Venezuela and the Venezuelan people. The US has chosen to oppose him and instead recognize the leader for which the people of Venezuela voted.
    I think we are unquestionably on the right side in this conflict, and I think our approach of trying to oust Maduro though sanctions and political pressure is the right one at this stage. I also agree with the humanitarian aid we are attempting to deliver and Maduro is blocking. China and Russia are providing aid to Maduro's government and military, while the US is attempting to provide aid to the people.

  • Harry Vederci

    China is the very last country on the planet that should make this accusation

  • VintageVNVet

    Back Yard, hello not; IF it were the ''back yard'' of USA, it would be, quite literally, PARADISE ON EARTH...

    More better description would be the gutter in front of the house; OK, now a days not so bad,,, but when i was a kid, it was where all the bad stuff from the front and back yard, etc., etc. got put...

  • wise old indian

    He doesn't understand the term "backyard". Uninvited people are not allowed in my backyard. Not allowed, period.

  • George Columbo

    I can't believe all the garbage below. We just need to mind our own business and let EVERYONE else fight their own battles, wars etc. If anyone steps on us then we can fight back.

  • George Columbo

    No one, USA, Russia, China doesn't matter, should intervene in Venezuela's affairs. Stay the hell out of other's business period.

  • Conrarian

    Did China mention the Uighurs at all ?

  • myopinionpal

    In guess China feels that it has a right to say whatever it wants about the US because they know Trump needs a trade deal and also they know Trump will need to borrow more money to fund his ego wall.

  • T AZ623

    We really care what China thinks. Wow. Also, in my backyard, I cook delicious food from the BBQ and have family and friends enjoy memorable get togethers. It is a place of love and friendship. And beer.

  • Mike Smith

    China is doing all it can to turn Latin America into its own backyard.