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  • Clayton Delaney

    Both China and the U.S. report weaker retail sales and industrial production for April, even before the latest escalation of the trade war.

  • Band, On the Run

    On a related note, I'm glad to see the Dow slowly climbing back from the big drop that happened a few days ago. I expected it would, though I don't think it will get back to the high it was at for a while. I expect the market to stay a bit cautious while this game plays out.

  • Kris

    They're all (D&R) saying the same thing: It sucks. Americans are going to sacrifice. But it has a very good chance of working. And it's necessary.

  • Paul

    I can't find one consumer product that has gone up since tariffs where instituted last year.

  • Mr Wayne

    Trump doesn't care. He's just feeding his base.

  • southvalley

    Now, let's start a hot war with Iran! That oughta do for US for a loooong time!

  • Robin

    no plans, just chaos.

  • Holmes

    This will work out as well as his Gov't shutdown did. Such a sophomoric man...

  • Anthony

    Trump's tariffs are paid by American importers, and passed on to American consumers. Trump is also forced to provide aid to American farmers, and the money comes from American taxpayers. Trump tariffs are hurting Americans more than Chinese. Even his economic adviser admitted that Americans are the ones paying for the tariffs.

    If Trump tanks the economy with his trade wars and tariffs, Republicans are going to pay in 2020. They will lose both the White House and the Senate.

  • subtext9

    Trump body man, this sort of thing can be avoided if you begin delivering Donald his cheeseburger after Lou Dobbs' Fox News show, instead of just as it's starting.

  • Blue Wave

    Anyone who thinks these tariffs won't be passed on to the consumer, not to mention greatly reducing or even completely cutting off supplies, needs to go back to elementary school.

    Tariffs are nothing more than taxes. When sales taxes are increased in a locality, do you think businesses just "eat it"?? Take a look at your next sales receipt.

  • InTheDogHouse

    Congressional republicans won't rein in Trump until his economic blunders start affecting their own bank accounts.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Nothing aggravates me more than the zero sum game nutjobs that declare "yes, we're hurting and will be hurt more but as long as the Chinese suffer more than us, we're winning the war". No one wins a trade war. Especially one being fought by a fool who doomed it to failure with his first public tweet.

    Xi knows he would lose his job if he appeared to give in to Trump. Especially when Trump would be boasting to everyone how he bested Xi with his superior negotiation skills. China will absorb the pain and will wait until Trump is gone.

  • fmd160

    But Trump is receiving rare praise from the Senate's top Democrat.
    "We have to have tough strong policies against China or they'll continue to steal millions of American jobs and trillions of American dollars...we ought to all be united and aimed at China," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters Tuesday.
    I lost a lot of any respect I may have had for this guy. (Why does he sound like Trump?)

  • Camus53

    Here's another morning headline today:

    "The Global Economy Was Improving. Then the Fighting Resumed"

    "The biggest threat to global fortunes has become the intensifying conflict between the two largest economies on earth, the United States and China
    ...global trade, which grew by about 4 percent in 2017, then slowed to 2 percent last year and may contract this year."

  • Camus53

    Here's today's lead headline on a major financial news site:

    U.S. Factory Output Falls a Third Time in Four Months in April

    Now keep in mind everything that donnie has been feeding us is he's has already fixed America's industry and is making it even greater with his tariff wars.

    Kinda like going to a local grease shop and having the mechanic say he "fixed your car real good" and have it breakdown on the freeway in the middle of rush hour.

    Yup it's all been fixed. And we're all getting deeper into this fix the longer the GOP continues to enable donnie.

  • WorkingClass

    "But my fear is that this president is so anxious to claim a victory that he may sacrifice the long-term interests of our country to claim a short term political victory," he added. -- In the short term, it has actually increased the trade deficit by billions of dollars as importers work to get as much stuff as possible before the tariffs go into effect.

  • mary

    i think the idea is that it 'hurts' our farmers, etc., but it 'hurts' the chinese 'more'.....so much pain!

  • BobMex

    How can China be stealing jobs when the US has the lowest unemployment ever.
    Another Trump lie.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    "But my fear is that this president is so anxious to claim a victory that he may sacrifice the long-term interests of our country to claim a short term political victory,"

    That is my fear as well. It is a great idea to address the inequities in trade with China while the U.S. economy is so strong. America is in a strong negotiating position. Trump is in a very weak negotiating position. He needs a win and needs to get past this, for his political future. That is worrying, in terms of getting the best deal.

    Tariffs are a very clumsy tool to approach this too, of course.

  • Renate

    The genie is out of the bottle. Its a global economy. Not matter how many tax breaks you give to the corporations, they will always move their operations to any country where they pay poor people the equivalent of a dollar a day instead of Americans a living wage. Corporations are greedy, greedy, greedy. China has a lower standard of living than the US and the corporations are dragging the US down to being a 2nd world country.

  • kobrakai6868

    If only there were a trade organization of all nations bordering on the Pacific who banded together for the specific purpose of making China toe the line on trade matters, particularly including all the rules Trump is fighting over now. They could leverage their combined trade with China in such a way that any rule breaking by China would be met with actions much more painful to the Chinese economy than anybody else’s and maybe it could be called something like the Trans Pacific Partnership. If Obama hadn’t been so busy golfing maybe he could have left a completed deal for such a trans pacific partnership waiting on Inauguration Day for Trump to say “yay” or “nay” to. Then we wouldn’t be in the mess. Thanks Obama.

    (Editor’s Note: Sarcasm intended)

  • wilmers13

    It will be temporarily painful for China when Americans reduce their consumption of Chinese goods.

    But then Chinese will have to find other customers in their neighbourhood and Americans may well reduce their landfill. It is astonishing how you can reduce consumption when necessary. I have had several austerity phases and iI am still here. Buying American goods is probably too expensive for most Chinese. The separation of China/Russia and US was on the cards for a long time. The previous situation was not sustainable and if anybody could have found a better way than Trump and what that would have been is not clear.

  • davecorsaro

    Here's your moment of Zen Republicans . . . . . . . . Do you think China is cowering in a dark room wringing their hands and absolutely terrified about what will happen to them if they don't get an agreement ? You can bet they are already negotiating with South America, Mexico and South Africa to get what they need. Of course the kicker to all this is that if they do establish a better relationship with some other country, they will never have to come back to the U.S..

  • sam101200

    The whole point of the TPP was to get China to negotiate without pointing a gun at their heads. Well, now they won't and can't negotiate. Nobody will negotiate in that manner.

  • Dukedaddy

    After about 2 1/2 years of Trump, there is unease on Capital Hill. What the heck! After all the other B.S. that the Trump White house has done Capital Hill is uneasy? WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG???

    I've been uneasy about Trump since he announced his candidacy 4 years ago.

  • kcmook

    When you elect the playground bully, you can't really expect him to solve the problem of rising school lunch prices......

  • Brandon Jones

    Look at that politicians are willing to sacrifice the betterment of the middle class for the wealthy's gain. Everyone will be hurt by these strong arm tactics but the wealthy are better able to weather the storm than the middle class.

  • Betty Boop

    We taxpayers will end up paying for Trump’s tariffs and the subsidies he will give away to buy votes. Republicans are totally to blame for all of this and what will come.

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    "His instinct isn't wrong, but what he's doing to solve the problem is actually only most painful for Americans, not the Chinese," Kaine added."

    Well said Sen. Kaine. Trump is conducting his trade war in public which will NEVER work because of politics. There is no way that Xi would agree to something where Trump would be bragging about what a great deal he made. The only redeeming part of Trump's plan is that it is the red states and Trumpers that are absorbing the most pain. They voted for him so they should pay the price.

    But as he giving welfare to farmers to make up for his mistakes, watch Trump find some way to buy votes by giving welfare to others hurt with his ill-advised tariffs.


    Trade wars will not hurt Trump or his daughter selling Chinese made trinkets. It will hurt the middle class.

  • tanstaafl

    Of course he insists that the US is in better shape. Only a fool would publicly state that they're negotiating from a position of weakness during an active trade deal with China's government.

  • Uncle Bob

    We definitely have a trade issue with China. It's been that way for a long, long time. But, of course, it's also true Trump is mis-managing the trade negotiations

    One small thought regarding tariffs....the other side of the equation is SUBSIDIES to those businesses and consumers who are temporarily disadvantaged/hurt by any new rules. Also, all this takes quite awhile to play out no matter what the change might be, usually at least several years.

    Any person or business claiming to be hurt be a mere announcement of a trade rule change, that won't occur for months, is...well...lying to take advantage of some hidden agenda.

    At least on paper the economy is good. No better time than that to wage a trade war.

  • iseeit

    Any democrat that supports trump needs to be expelled from the party and investigated. This dangerous and hairbrained attack on China is guaranteed to harm America and the planet in many, many ways. Having a positive relationship with China is very much in our best interest, and the interest of the global community.