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  • JK Noff

    No problem here. No need to make phone calls free. Incentivize with a discount for good behavior; a reduced rate and more phone time. Penalize bad behaviors by cutting back time and charging more. This makes everybody happy.

  • Cody Coonts

    Why is the state contracting out the calls in the first place. They could run the phone lines, cut the cost down to a couple dollars per phone call and still make the same amount of money. Only difference is they would get all the profits instead of giving them to a 3rd party company. Then that money is either put back into the prison or goes to help the surrounding area.

  • Robin

    In the case of prisoners who are incarcerated for murder, do their dead victims get to make calls? Nope. So why should the prisoners?

  • Southern CT

    CT has a lot of big problems. This is not one of them.

  • The_One

    Come on, abc news. Using a sob story to help get benefits for prisoners, that law abiding citizens would not be entitled to. Here's an idea...don't break the law, then you wouldn't need to make phone calls to keep in touch with family. No sympathy here. They should actually be charged at least triple to make calls.