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  • sixstrings

    at this point with Cohen, it's basically just picking what you choose to believe and what not to believe...he has no more credibility than Trump.

  • Scaramouche

    And so, under the torch of a convicted liar and with a 2 year investigation leading to nothing substantial, Democrats are attempting another grandstand to give hope to their base that they can chase Trump out of office before his term ends.

    And the delusioned masses cheer them on because "We hate Trump more than we love our country".

  • oakgrovehobbitt

    A new low for our House of Representatives.

  • Rubber Banned

    If they fail to satisfy the requests of the subpoena, they should be held in contempt of Congress and put in jail. We have checks and balances for exactly this scenario.

  • comments1

    Lindsey Graham says D Jr should not comply with subpoena to testify before Congress, once again plainly showing that GOP are lawless swine who put party and the President above the law. The obvious objective is to install a single-party autocracy of the right.

    These people must be removed from office. Once that is done, plans need to be in place to protect against attacks from gangs of armed evangelical red cappers. There are groups that have announced that they will react violently if Trump is removed.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Due diligence.

  • Rose McFrog

    Client-attorney privilege doesn't include lying for your client and altering evidence to to cover-up his crimes.

  • Youcan'thandlethetruth

    I want the Democrats to be just as zealous about getting to the truth as the Republicans would be if we were talking about the criminal activity of a Democrat.

  • April6

    Who cares about house investigations, it's meant for political charade, and partisans talking point. Barr and the DOJ will just shred all of their silly partisan recommendations.

  • JenBordon

    The Trump Crime Family and its lawyers will do everything possible to keep any of their cabal from
    having to testify under oath.

  • John Springer

    Waste of time. Cohen lied and went to jail and trump cut him loose, so he is just vindictive. He probably daydreams of following Comey, another miscreant, and reclaiming some fame by becoming a talking head when he gets out