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  • Larry Jones

    Abortion is an ethics issue. To place the word 'god' in a law implies we speak for god. Where is the separation of Church and State? Abortion should be for those who have been coerced thru incest and rape and whatever other horrors man can come up with, and if the life of the mother is medically compromised. Abortion does not give the permission to let lose in an abandonment of emotion.

  • J from OHIO

    Bama is last in the nation in infant mortality, and a whole host of other metrics involving quality of life - you'd think they would pretend to care about the children already living as well.

  • Kapt Blasto

    My own niece had a miscarriage.
    Now today in her state, it's treated as a tragedy...but, it's a personal one....
    But tomorrow...if this law is allowed to be enforced?
    She could be headed to prison....
    So could my own sister....
    Or my late mother could have been...


  • Kapt Blasto

    Looks like WAR is on the Horizon if Roe gets overturned....of that, I am unfortunately certain.
    Watch out if NARAL, NOW, PP, and THE NRA ever get wise and realize that the SOCIALIST HYDRA has many tentacles in many places....some cannot be seen as a tentacle, as they confuse the tentacle for something else...
    If NARAL, NOW, PP and THE NRA ever joined Forces....
    You WOULD be seeing BIPARTISAN calls for repeal of the 2nd Amendment QUICKLY and BIGLY....
    and then you would see the FULL NATURE of the HYDRA....as both REPS and DEMS would say "We Cannot tolerate all this Lawlessness...."
    And THAT is when you would see the END of America, to our enemies delight....

    NO ONE Wants to deal with a Lady who packing more than just an unwanted bun in the oven......
    The problem is....the Pro-Choice side doesn't get armed.....and therefore, gets messed with....

  • PerchLady

    In 1984 while working as a nurse in rural Louisiana, a 13 yr old delivered a baby. She was 12 when her uncle took “liberties” with her. No charges were pressed. But to see that little girl going through the pain of childbirth when she should have been playing with her own dolls was heartbreaking. Maybe her folks didn’t want or couldn’t afford an abortion. Maybe they protected the uncle. But for those children that are raped or impregnated by a relative and not have the abortion option is not right. What about the emotional or mental distress for the child? I would think that giving birth to your son-brother would inflict more damage than an abortion. It’s not something I support but I do believe there should be exceptions.

  • guidinglight

    Elections have consequences. People have been voting for a SC that will all but shut down abortion in this nation, and we are just about there. SC will not completely outlaw RvW, but they are going to make it so difficult to perform the procedure that it will only exist in a couple of states. That handwriting was on the wall when Trump was elected.

  • Cadet Bonespurs

    Why would any woman under the age of 50 and over the IQ of 40 stay in a Third World state?

  • Renate

    Hey Alabama!!!! You voted these people in. You reap what you sow.

  • The Force

    Since when is forcing a female who was impregnated by rape to carry and birth the child; not considered a health risk to the female?

  • Renate

    There is not one single law on the books controlling a mans reproductive rights.

  • Against All Fascist

    Once again conservatives showing their true colors and siding with the perpetrators of sexual violence. It is is now more apparent than over that the R in Republican stands for 'Rape'

  • jad31

    Don't worry... all those mistresses will have access to an abortion.

  • Bill Rose

    They're going to see a lot of women going to other states for abortions.

  • MTkatzpjs

    These men, generally white, will always have the money and means to acquire safe terminations for their teenage daughters, and/or mistresses. This is a case of "do as I say, not as I do"....Bob Barr, anyone??

  • AlwaysknewDJTsucked

    I can't find the part in this law where they go after the father, and if he is not gainfully employed, they put him into forced labor with the proceeds going to the mother.

  • Jess Jack

    I think that abortion should be avoided, but I'm just worried about those young, scared, girls, who may resort to dangerous methods to end their pregnancy.

  • TweetyBird

    I wonder if the Alabama Senate is considered "alive" as it does seem that all brain activity has stopped.

  • Kevin Burger

    So, does the pro-life stance in Alabama extend beyond birth? Or are you still left for dead as soon as you're born?

  • HadEnoughYet

    Kavenaugh said that RvW was settled, so he would've had to lie to Congress if that really is not how he stands. That would be an impeachable offense.

  • HadEnoughYet

    Sadly, these few white males really do think this is the most pressing issue in Alabama...not their horrifically low life expectancy rate and education testing results.

  • End of Life Ritual

    I expect violence if SCOTUS overturns Roe.

    If they leave Roe in place but states like Alabama don't have to change their laws, I expect abortion tourism to become a thing.

  • Joei

    Ok. Then child support should start and conception. Married or not! Make all baby makers responsible.

  • Avariel76

    Like Mr. Smitherson in the article, my wife and I were faced with a difficult choice when we learned our child had a birth defect that would not allow him to survive outside the womb. We chose to carry the child. My wife made it to full term and gave birth to him, stillborn. It was the most difficult few months of our lives. In retrospect we feel we made the right decision. But I can see the other side of the coin. Some couples may have felt differently. What's important is that we were given a choice in the matter. I know because I experienced it firsthand. Anyone who hasn't has no business making such laws.

  • Tertulliano

    if life begins at conception, so should child support, welfare and any other benefits.

  • turtlemouth

    Pretty much what I'd expect from the state that ranks 50th in education.