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  • Moonshine Creek

    Rich women could care less what the law is. They have the resources to go anywhere they need to get the health care they desire. This only affects poor women who don't have the means. Just more class-ism, in my opinion. Just because a law exists making something illegal does not mean people will now, magically, stop doing it immediately. If you don't believe me, just do some research on our country's "war on drugs" initiative!!!

  • SFprogressive

    The blue/red civil war gets more intense every day. Have we reached the tipping point where we have more that divides us than unites us? Less and less common ground makes for a very confused and weak nation, like it or not, Abortion is the new big lightening rod.
    As for abortion, the obvious and historic fact remains that even when illegal it goes underground or women travel or are sent abroad, The number doesn't fall and even good evangelical girls wind up in a back alley because mom and dad would excoriate her if they learned she had sinned,
    Truth is often a bitter pill,

  • Bommer Akes

    7 Billion people polluting earth every day.
    Sorry, but we need lots more people ending pregnancies.
    In a perfect world, sure save all the bundles of joy.
    We are about 3.5 billion people past perfect.

    Hell , I would go for no more medical intervention
    until the age of 10 also, we just don't need so many people.
    If you are strong enough to make it 10, you have proved
    worthiness to keep going.

    The only real thing you can count on now in the world
    is wars and famine . One way or the other we will kill off
    about half of our population.

    The poor and starving will have to killed by the wealthy,
    other wise they will rise up and kill the wealthy.
    And once the poor have seen the "elephant" they will
    never be happy living living in their one room shack.
    This why the USA in being attacked by millions
    of migrants this year and next year it will be twice
    as many.

  • Jeanne Washington

    This is Trump and the GOP making America Great Again...by going BACKWARDS. A grown woman is capable of making her own decisions period.

  • Isa'dna!

    I will be the first to admit I have an outsider's view of the issue. I don't have any skin in the game so to speak. My opinion is based on science, and reason. I believe that rape is horrible. I also believe the baby from a pregnancy in that situation is innocent. I believe abortion should be illegal in all cases because there is more than one innocent life involved. I have often heard that I'm arrogant and insensitive for making a woman go through a unwanted pregnancy from rape. Let's hear from real women about their experience of going through pregnancy that occurred from rape as well as the children who were born for such circumstances. If any of you have an open mind hear those stories. SaveThe1.

  • JtCarrieres

    If it goes back to the states, women of means from Red States will travel to Blue States for their abortions, while poor women in Red States will add to the welfare burden or resort to illegal abortion providers. States that actually reduce abortion rates do so through easy access to birth control, effective sex education, and decent overall healthcare, not by posting people outside of abortion clinics with signs and screaming at young women making a difficult choice.

  • May

    Seriously, what woman or family wants to carry a nonviable fetus to term. These statesman are crazy.

  • Lifeishortgetaladder.

    read the states names...
    *sip coffee
    ( sigh)

  • wilmers13

    That's how it should be. There are 50 States to allow for differences.

  • Cindy Bird

    SCOTUS will NEVER reverse ROE v. WADE. They can't. Too many people have been executed or are on Death Row because it defines at what point a fetus becomes a baby. Murders of a pregnant woman whose child is older than "the age of viability" have received the death penalty due to the death of the fetus. Remove that one line, "age of viability" and the Death House doors open. John Rogers will not allow that to happen. The case will never be overturned because of it. This isn't about abortion. You can agree or disagree about that. But ROE was used to set the age at which the killing of a pregnant woman moves from 1 count to 2 counts. Without ROE, every single case in which a 2nd count of murder was added would have to be re-tried. Which brings up Double Jeopardy. SCOTUS will NOT allow that to happen.