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  • TwoSeamer

    Their tacky celebrations after every goal was repulsive. Learn some etiquette. They showed why no one likes Americans.

  • Howard Gravely

    I HATE US women's soccer team! Awful sportsmanship and i will be rooting for all their opponents!


    Great win. Alex Morgan is hot.

  • disqus_8R28ZmEsno

    even Obama joined in on the politics and wished them "best of luck in equality on and off the field"

    kind of funny to see politicians pander to the political narratives (equal pay). i disagree with him, though... i don't want equality on the field. i want the us women to dominate.

  • Antwon

    Entertainers can't sue because people will pay more to see other entertainers

  • disqus_8R28ZmEsno

    Their pay for the world cup is relative to revenue. That's fair. Now, their pay for Nike and sponsorships could be a different matter, but again it's a business making their strategic decisions on how much advertising is worth.

  • Erock

    What None of these articles mentions is that the women negotiated this contract they are under, the CBA was signed in 2017. Men are contract workers and paid on a per-game basis with no game to game guarantee. The women have a guaranteed salary, lengthy sick and maternity leave, and health insurance. Six of the top ten paid US soccer players are women.

    Perhaps they should negotiate a better contract next time, instead of agreeing to a deal then suing 18 months later because its “unfair”.

  • onlamsi

    This has been going on for five days already? I had no idea.

  • Troyal

    Nothing about the collective bargaining agreement signed in 2017? Who needs facts when we are here to push a narrative.

  • Technophile Returns

    It’s simple statistics, more people watch men’s soccer than women’s soccer which means more ad revenue goes to men’s soccer which then distributes to men. If you want female players to make as much as men then convince viewers to watch women’s soccer.

  • Planet Earth

    I'm all for equal pay in regular workplaces, but the world of sports is a totally different realm. The only reason these guys can make the ridiculous millions they do is because of the amount of revenue that owner can bring in by having those players on the team.

  • William

    Gender equality will never happen and, frankly, it shouldn't. Overall, men are better athletes than women and it boils down to economics. As one simple example, the NBA subsidizes the WNBA because WNBA can't survive on its own. There is no comparison to the quality of play in the NBA vs the WNBA...the NBA is so superior to the WNBA it isn't funny.....women's basketball will always be that, women's basketball. A good high school boy's basketball team would beat the best WNBA team.....it's that simple.

  • threehundredthousand

    Football played by men is the most watched sport on the planet and the World Cup one of the most watched events. Football played by women and the Women's World Cup, not so much. They just are NOT equal.