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  • Bobby Ern

    Dopey won't back down, no he won't back down
    You can stand him up at the gates of Hell
    But he won't back down
    No he'll stand his ground, won't be turned around
    And he 'll keep on draggin this good world down
    Gonna stand his ground and he won't back down

  • Use-your-intelligence

    So wealthy, white associates of his who ARE convicted of crimes based upon evidence are "treated unfairly" and deserve pardons according to Trump but a group of minority kids who are exonerated of a crime through the court of law based upon evidence are still guilty? This is textbook racism and bigotry. I wonder if he would have had the same opinion if they were from Norway?

  • TweetyBird

    Trump is just showing how deeply his bigotry is rooted.

    In the meantime, he talks about pardoning old while guys that were convicted of crimes!

  • oliverwendellsr

    Why do you suppose my comment about this 'perhaps' leading to a defamation lawsuit against
    Cadet Bone Spurs was Removed?
    Too close to home?

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    This is a perfect example of the battle for TRUTH/FACTS going on in our country currently.

    Trump and ilk insist that up is down and facts are "fake news" and the Mueller report exonerates him even as it states the opposite...

    In this case, there is incontrovertible evidence that these young men were NOT GUILTY of the crime they were accused of. Leave it to Trump to refuse to believe DNA!

  • SFprogressive

    The vile racism of Trump is out in full view and always has been, starting with his Trump rental apartments and redlining Black applicants, Then the outrageous and never ending no apology Obama birther and the full page ad on which now has been demonstrated to be untrue with DNA evidence, Yet he throws out "maybe they should review"l...feeding red meat to his hateful base.
    The worst of America now president. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH,,,2020 get off your asses and vote,

  • Jake realy Jake

    This Trump clown is the one who says even some of my best friends are blacks! Sicko

  • Ctrygrl

    Does the president realize he is saying that these young men who committed no crime should have been put to death, because the police brow beat them into confessions and lied to them and a dishonest prosecutor that withheld evidence of their innocence. The police went on to comfy retirements and the prosecutor to a cushy teaching gig. This kind of behavior by authorities will continue until there is some consequences for this type of behavior. For every wrongly accused and convicted person released from prison a policeman and or prosecutor should be going to prison.


    In reading all these comments I just hope all that are not happy with Trump go and vote. You can type all these comments but if you dont vote then whats the point.
    I am voting and I am a Republican, wont vote for Trump and honestly giving up my 20 percent business deduction is worth it so I dont have to listen or read about Trump. He is not a moral man and doesn't care about anyone and I mean no one.

  • oliverwendellsr

    I'd like the next Netflix miniseries to be about how Cadet Bone Spurs ruined Atlantic City, Gary IN, etc and bankrupted thousands of small-business owners.
    You know, "We The People."

  • Linzie Rogers

    "Trump won't back down..." Who gives a whit? If you're a member of a group that has had to endure attitudes of millions of people like him over decades, so what? You learn quickly that the term "Remedy in law" from time to time doesn't apply to you and if it does it's delayed. If you happen to become a pragmatist you quickly realize how it all operates and it's not pretty or in most cases equal. You also learn that millions more like you have opted to accept it and its outcomes and live with them mostly in silent misery. Above all you should realize he, and a large numbers of his followers, is not your friend and never was.The remedy? You're living with it.

  • Wrecking Ball

    Why in the world would the reporter ask that question? We all know Donald never apologizes or admits wrongdoing. It's a waste of airtime to ask him anything, really.

  • Forward forward

    There is 'right' and 'wrong'. Mr Trump was wrong. Mr Trump is wrong. Mr Trump will always be wrong. It's who he is.

    Being wrong, and proud of it, even after having been proven wrong is somehow considered to be a positive character trait for about 1/3 of Americans. That is shameful, embarrassing, and disappointing.

  • Kittenpopsicle

    Gee whiz..there’s no story about this on Faux, but the top story is about reparations. Imagine that..

  • David


  • FierceAngels

    He lies and will never admit he's wrong. Would you like someone like him for a friend? An employee? A neighbor? Certainly not as POTUS, that would be insane. Our national nightmare continues, as does the squawking of his nitwit supporters who gobble up his lies and repeat them as gospel. This particular episode is especially egregious, just unbelievable. Ugh.

  • Chris Mann

    This is perfect. I hope he keeps doing this. Forcing confessions out of children is not justice. He's going to ignore the DNA evidence? As usual, he is out of his mind.

  • Hawkman100

    Trump's base will love his comments refusing to apologize.

    And his base is what drives his thinking on absolutely everything.

  • Reply

    Does the name "Arpaio" sound familiar? Strange how this works.

  • M113Driver

    Netflix ... aren't Obama and Clinton on the board of directors? Just askin ....


    I have no opinion on this because i really dont know what happen but honestly dont care to know.

  • Jackee

    he just can't help injecting himself in things he knows nothing about.

  • dan

    Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up...! Trump that is.

  • thetruthinlife

    Trump won't admit he was wrong?
    Has he ever?