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  • Warren West

    Good!!! I hope this keeps happening! My face belongs to me, NOT the government!

  • BIAB_

    Rumors are that the Chinese are developing a file on every American. While most people’s information would be if little to no use, contractors, security personnel, accountants, IT specialists, government employees are all high value targets. Knowing who goes where and does what and when is valuable information. Do these people have routines? Do they engage in activities that leave them open to extortion? Do their family members? And as far as checkpoint security footage goes, knowing when a valuable target is going to a less secure nation is also valuable. Crazy times we live in.

  • TheAristocrats

    Exactly why facial recognition software should be banned, FBI agents who push for backdoors and weakening encryption standards should be fired and blacklisted and the entire NSA should be hanged for treason.

  • Prophet With Honor

    If a function is necessary, do it in house, don't farm it out.

  • iseeit

    This is clearly either the russians, staging 'probe' attacks to seek vulnerabilities, or some other hostile foreign enemy. Of course trump, being so provably submissive toward putin does nothing to stop these hostilities. The russian navy tried to ram one of our vessels! If Hillary were our Leader, Climate Change would be lessening, not stopped yet of course, that will take 10-12 years of sustained effort, but at least it wouldn't keep getting worse and russia would get nuked. They are going to impeach trump. Zero chance that he serves a second term. Even if the coward traitor republiCONS in the Senate refuse to remove him..
    The people who live in America must RISE-UP and vote criminal trump and his entire corrupt and dispicable regime out of office!!!

  • srichey321

    Our system is too technologically complex and fragile.

  • Alex Ross

    I wonder if the bad oversight was a part of the problem too?

    Nah. No I don't.

  • Not Fancy

    Big brother is upon us, but it is inevitable.
    The data that is collected of us is immense and it is increasing - governments, corporations, hackers, banks, even our cellphones track us and car dealers legally put GPS trackers on our purchased vehicles.
    As we cannot avoid it, we need to be aware of, and stay ahead of the game demanding legislation to protect our privacy and interests, putting limits on what can be collected and how it can be used.