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  • Darla Fort

    Rikers Island is very large and is not a prison for long term--which means it is a very risky place to be if you have specific medical conditions. I read the CNN piece on this and became confused becuase there are many many issues that were brought up. I agree that for misdemeanors first time for a specific charge that there shouldn't be bail. If you keep missing court dates however, then a bail system makes more sense as an incentive to show up to court.

    Many questions and I agree that this human being should not be dead. But the family and freinds just want to be paid -- the reason we know this is that there are many of them and this person was in jail sine April- this group needed to put up the $500 themselves. That large a group can come up with $500 in 2 months.

  • Damien Holland

    I knew someone who went to jail over unpaid DMV fines in Ventura and she had a medical condition and the jailers pretended they were never given her bag of medications that she needed on a daily basis. Then when she started to panic because she was feeling sick they told her to shut up.
    I wager most of the guards in the US are thugs not just from news stories or documentaries but from those I've known who went in. Our culture is authoritarian and psychopathic in many respects so who gets hired and promoted in jails and prisons reflects this. Numerous human rights groups are legally fighting to change this situation as we speak.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    ""I can't help but think about #Sandrabland and the mystery of her death
    while incarcerated and the nation outrage I witnessed and contributed
    to," she added, referring to Sandra Bland, a Texas woman whose 2015
    death sparked criticism of police treatment of minorities""

    There was no mystery about Sandra Bland's death. She committed suicide.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    If you're being held on $500 bail, can't you bond out for 10%? If so, it's sad no one who cared for her could come up with that amount.

    Either way, the family does deserve answers.

  • just saying

    $500 and the family who will now sue, did not come up with the money shame.

  • Matthew Meyer

    we demand answers!!!! yet we understand the cause of death could take weeks or months according to the families attorney. these people want money, not answers.

  • Mahlon

    His medical condition couldnt've been as bad as the family says; it sure didnt prevent him/it/whatever from going out & rackin up the charges, or even gettin placed in isolation..

  • NoMoreYes44

    "whose bright light was an inspiration to all who knew her,"

    I like my bright lights to NOT be imprisoned for violence.

  • Julies001

    They would not listen, they did not know how
    Perhaps they'll listen now

  • BluntNotPC

    136 homicides in 6 years.... if NY could be so lucky as to only have that few total deaths in ONE year.
    $500 bail and the family hadn't come up with it in over a month? Shouldn't this person have been at the front of the release on RoR due to overcrowding? Did ANYONE inform the jail of this "medical condition" prior to finding them dead?