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  • Prophet With Honor

    Any details on the other shooting before this one?

  • JoseMentoya

    People who defend firearms have never been affected by gun-violence - yet.

  • JoseMentoya

    Awaiting the next shooting, or the next child to find a firearm... (Won't have to wait long in the US.)

  • JoseMentoya

    The laws won't change, guns won't be controlled like they are in other countries like the US, so we have to accept shootings as a fact of life in the US. There really is no way to fix it. Sad.

  • JoseMentoya

    It won't stop all the shootings - by a long shot (pun alert) - but controlling handguns sure would decrease them.

  • JoseMentoya

    It seems the victim in Jack-in-the-Box was not targeted for being a LEO. Rhett Mckenzie Nelson also shot and killed another random man an hour before.

  • Glen

    "This would have never happened had this off duty officer been armed... (or armed more if he was armed)"

    - Official statement of the NRA

    Buy More Guns™

  • catmom

    A white male shoots someone at point blank range in the back of the head randomly, where is the outrage? Had this been a minority and NOT from Utah, there would be hundreds of nasty comments about the guy, about him being a Liberal and on and on. Just sayin.....

  • Prophet With Honor

    Preventable? Probably, if his family in Utah had become "concerned" much sooner.

  • The Kamina

    My father as an LEO used to cringe whenever responding to a call that involved an officer that was "gravely injured"; he explained(at the time in the 80's-90's) that in lamest terms it meant keeping them "stable" long enough to notify and gather any family that can make it to his side.
    I hope for his and his family's sake the above does not repeat itself and he recovers completely.

  • DWitney

    Whoever wrote the headline is immature. “Joint”? Guy gets shot in head but you are going to be kitschy and write “ joint “. Grow up.

  • Ben Walton

    Hopefully Officer Joseph will make it through this ordeal and not have any lasting medical issues.

  • Del Capslock

    I guess they didn't have enough guns. More guns is the answer. It doesn't matter what the question is.

  • JoseMentoya

    Shooters have voted! By a wide margin they prefer handguns over all other types of firearms. Why not? They're easily concealed, large clips are available, and they are powerful and lethal.

  • JoseMentoya

    The USA is what a country becomes when people are allowed to possess firearms for self-defense. It's absurd, no other country with gun control permits it. Everyone gets a gun to protect themselves from everyone else that has a gun.

  • JoseMentoya

    Gun defenders never tire of mentioning that "criminals" are the shooters and there needs to be better funding for mental health.

    They fail to mention an effective way to keep guns from "criminals" (especially when a shooting is their first "crime." They also fail to mention how providing more $$$ for mental health treatment will help.

    Why? Because both suggestions are laughable as solutions. In reality, a rinky-dink background check doesn't stop anyone from obtaining firearms, if they want one.

  • JoseMentoya

    Gun will not be effectively controlled in the US, expect this to continue...

  • Schlitz Stop

    That's a pretty good picture. If the reward is decent, he should be locked up by bedtime.

  • phillipsahagian

    This is how you get inducted into a gang, kill a cop

  • Tiffany D

    Who randomly shoots someone in the head tho?randomly come one he was probably a target for whatever reason

  • JoseMentoya

    No complaining and wailing from the gun-defenders. This happens weekly in the USA.

  • Hank R

    CNN article entitled:

    In the first 20 weeks of the year, 19 police officers have been shot to death in the line of duty

    By Ryan Prior and Paul Martucci, CNN, Updated 3:11 PM ET, Mon May 20, 2019
    That's roughly one per week.

  • Lee Thompson

    This smacks of vengeance.

  • Matthew Meyer

    white? black? Asian? a man in his twenties?! good job abc, with that information he's got no chance of escaping justice!!!!

  • Howard Gravely

    A daily occurrence in the land of the Second Amendment.

  • noiL ehT oeL

    All of the technology we have and these places can't do better with their cameras. I guess I'll look for a blurry white guy in his 20s. Won't be that hard.../s/

  • Prophet With Honor

    He's off duty in civilian clothing and someone walks in and randomly shoots him? That's as bizarre as it gets if true.

  • fmd160

    This kind of thing shouldn't happen to anybody...........