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  • James Carter

    John you are a real hero for saving this woman from her attacker

  • larryroth702

    I will bet this perp is a Republican! They are well known for this creepy behavior.Thank goodness the victim was saved from harm.

  • biome

    Now that's a real man! He deserves a medal.

  • Lee Thompson

    This man, Bishop, really is a hero, whether he thinks so or not.

  • anastasiabeaverhousen

    Betting this isn't the first time this predator has done it. Hope they are able to take him off the streets for a long time.

    Kudos to the "good samaritan" for getting involved. Not everyone would have.

  • Howard Gravely

    But....I thought only "good guys with guns" could stop criminals...

  • Randy

    I love it when they say they are not a hero. This man really is. He just might have saved this ladys life.

  • Sunshine1229

    Thank you sir stepping up and helping her! Your actions took one more predator off of the streets. That took a lot of guts!

  • Grrrrrr

    Most people would have ignored this or just pull out their phones to record a video of it.

    Great job Mr. Bishop!


  • Prophet With Honor


  • Joe_2020

    Cheers to this guy!!