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  • Rafael miranda

    watch the hole show on the previous link..

  • Daniel

    Looking at the way it went down, I am sure it is over a woman.
    I never understood why people idolize athletes who can hit a ball with a stick, or throw a ball into a hoop.
    Who gives a flock about Big Papi?

  • sane one

    He's been a great human being with various charities here in New England. Hope he gets well soon

  • saltydog77

    The rumors say that Ortiz was fooling around with the wife of the local drug lord. And was marked for a hit.

  • Rafael miranda

    La Comay on you tube 6/10/19 show has details of the incident..

  • Rafael miranda

    exclusive interview to David Ortiz own father.

  • Rafael miranda

    some of details from this incident from the number one Puertorican Show la comay..

  • bee's knees

    As bad as intestinal damage is, I'm so glad that the bullet missed Papi's spinal cord.