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  • James Coletrane

    in the Navy...............

  • miners moss

    That's probably the closest thing to summer that Russians are ever gonna get.

  • wilkinak

    Meh, one navy's sunbather is another navy's lookouts.

    Oh, that's right, the US Navy decided it didn't need lookouts and just crashes into other ships. Perhaps the US Navy should consider allowing sunbathing since they've cut lookouts from the watchbill.

  • JuPMod

    Well, I'm sure it would seem odd for the US Navy to see the Russian navy are lax regarding what their personnel can do on their navy ships. Yet that is not important, given every country's navy have their own rules and regs on what their navy personnel can and can not do. What is important is the near collision of the two ships. Russia is playing these 'near collision' games more often than usual in the past several years.

  • IanPG

    Maybe next time a US Navy ship will get close to Chinese sailors sunbathing.

  • Timulculin

    Another he said, he said ...... The Russian ship was on the starboard side which is typically the stand-on side which means it has right of way .... but .... there is a dividing line between starboard and stern and so then it depends on the exact angle and speed. It's hard to say from the story and video who was right. I'm sure the Russian media is blaming the US just as we are blaming the Russians.

  • transplantwest

    Russian sailors just showing off bods, catching a few rays. They know how enchanted Trump is with Ruskies !

  • Ursus Sapiens III

    Just emulating that sexy, sexy shirtless Putin.

  • zorkamundo

    I don't care about the sunbathers. I care about the right of way established under international law for each ship. Overtaking ships do not have the right of way, even if the the ship being overtaken is to the overtaking ship's port. Too bad ABC focuses on gossip and not relevant details.

  • thetruthinlife

    They were filming the sequel to McHale's navy

  • Charles Branch

    in all fairness i believe those are helo pilots thats just what they do in the heat of battle lollll


    We should have turned our guns toward their ship and locked on. I wonder if they would have enjoyed their little sunbathing seeing that in their face.

  • John Michael Davis

    This was deleted, how funny.

    "We're they using sunscreen".

    Pretty harmless.

  • elsie_eye

    Seriously? Their navy allows sunbathing, ours does not. They aren't wrong, neither are we. The only thing at issue here is the unsafe maneuver.

  • Cody Coonts

    Which ship is on the left looks to be the one that got close to the other from looking at the wake path.

  • Andy

    How old is this "NEWS"?

  • Slim Fugmolas

    Has our president denied that this happened yet? Surely Putin needs his shoes licked by trump. It's been a while since trump has knelt before Putin at Helsinki.

  • Dosadi

    The international maritime rules explain who was at fault in this incident.
    The ship approaching from the right (The Russian ship) has the right of way. The American ship is required to turn, slow down or even reverse engines to give the right of way to the other ship. In this instance the Russian had the right of way. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. This type of maneuver is done all the time between various military units. The game is old and can get dangerous. The Russian did indeed have the right of way but the captain probably forced his way into that predicament. He approached the American ship with the intention of forcing it to change course. The America captain probably didn't feel like giving in that day and held course knowing the final outcome. This is done all the time by all sides. It is done with ships and planes. If there was a way to meet on the highway it would occur there too. This was a game that neither side should be playing.

  • Cammosutra

    The russian navy is damned unprofessional at times. Ask a generation of Russian
    submariners who were exposed to high levels of radioactivity.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Must be pretty common if they have beach chairs onboard.

  • cephalo

    Sunbathing is not the end of the world, but in my opinion, someone should remain at the helm.