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  • Robert Falls

    Sounds like information put out by North Korea to justify the assassination. On the other hand who is going to argue that the CIA talked to him North Korea? It may be a bid to sell the book.

  • Different Jim

    So Trump wouldn't allow the CIA to talk to a family member of a leader of an adversarial nation? That's a great approach to national security. Every other world leader would love to talk to a family member of an enemy country even if he has been out of contact for decades, even Putin. Kim Jong-Un was barely known when he came to power and the US needed to know more about him. It would irresponsible and reckless to prevent the intelligence community from pursuing that information. We will be paying for Trump's disinterest in national security for a long time.

  • Prophet With Honor

    He went into exile years ago. How did he support extensive travel, three houses, two wives and a mistress, and six kids?

  • cephalo

    He would have been zero threat to NK even if the CIA knew everything he knew, which was basically nothing. Still a heinous and cruel murder.