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  • disqus_TBU9QNc9q3

    The justice system doesn't want to admit they did wrong here, because they are going to owe this man a TON of money when he gets out and sues for wrongful conviction and imprisonment. Is the Innocence Project intervening here?

  • donna

    The justice system failed this family. The real killer Antonio Russo admitted to the killing so why is john not been set free? Why because our system is worried about a civil suit. People turned against John because that prosecutor Anna was trying to make a name for herself & made deals with these people to benefit her. What is corrupt here is our justice system. Why hasn't the prosecutor been jailed for doing what she did? How does she put her head on the pillow at night knowing an innocent man is behind jail. The jail house defendants all were promised deals here. This case needs more media attention for john to be cleared of his name.

  • RutabagasTakeNoPrisoners

    On of the things I find so disgusting about cases of prosecutorial misconduct is that their treatment of the wrongly accused defendant often hinges on issues of government civil liability rather than the actual guilt or innocence of the accused.

  • Terry Donte

    There is a clear, at least to me allegation the jail house defendant was promised a deal. Did he or did he not get a deal. if he got a deal which should be in his file, than the allegation is likely true which raised substantial doubt as to his testimony. What is not clear is there any other evidence the defendant did the crime? There must be something which lead the police to arrest the defendant. What was that. There is so many holes in this story and the claimed court case you could drive a truck through them without touching the sides.

  • FranklinMcgee

    Pretty much every mother of a criminal thinks their child is innocent. And if he's so innocent, why did his friends who were there that night either lie or give the silent treatment to law enforcement? You can blame the prosecutor all you want, but I think his friends really put the nails in his coffin.