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  • TXPDelta

    Eventually China will erode enough 'semi- autonomous' control in HK to announce HK's eager and voluntary joining of the PRC. If people keep fighting back successfully, the PLA will roll in under the guise of establishing peace. Done and done. {turns it's attention to TW and those pesky Phillipinos in the S. China Sea}

  • Nick

    In my opinion Hong Kong has the right and should declare themselves independent after all they don’t think like the commi Chinese and they were under their own rule for most of the time they were s British colony. The USA and UN should back their independence.

  • Good Buddy

    It must be very annoying to the leaders in China about not having absolute dictatorial control over Hong Kong. But, of course, they must respect the power of Hong Kong money and be careful of international politics.

    But, clearly the direction is to tighten the noose on Hong Kong. Could get violent some day.

  • BigDukeSix

    China is becoming ruthless in their attempts to control Hong Kong. I hope they can withstand the tyranny, but the battle may already be lost. I fear that nothing will stop Beijing.