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  • Joe_2020

    What a nut job!!

  • Yeti Toadstool Rides Again

    I'm pretty sure the carjacker's name was Eve and the car was a Genesis.

  • Thomas

    Credit where credit is due. I am normally critical of ABC's editors.

    "non-venomous black snake

    Kudos for using the correct term.

  • Wanbleeman

    This is a clear case of snake jacking, being busted.

  • Jo Ellen

    This is a good story of a woman who was smarter than most men. She used a weapon that was much more effective than a gun, but perfectly legal and had no extra charges.

  • Jo Ellen

    So a snake is more effective than a gun when it comes to carjacking.

  • Traveler1

    Blame it on the heat, humidity and voodoo!

    Bizarre just absolutely bizarre!

  • Prophet With Honor

    The more bizarre the crime, the less likely to do time.

  • SensibleAlternative

    "Moreno-Berrios remained under doctor’s care for psychiatric testing and evaluation through the weekend"

    Yes methinks she has some pretty serious issues.