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  • ReviewTheFacts

    This might have ended quite badly for those kids. A parked bus, like a parked care, could have led to him dying. The girl could have been hit by a car and killed. These are kids' lives at stake here, so the drivers were justifiably held accountable.

    Security and safety procedures need to be followed TO THE LETTER. Nothing less will do!

  • Pam Winters

    This is one of the issues of outsourcing services to schools. They hiring practices may not be the same as the schools themselves.

    It seems to me that these busing companies have the same issues as fast food. The hire cheap labor and have a high rate of turnover. The local school around here has two signs outside every school. One hiring bus drivers and one hiring teachers for third party companies.

  • Banned...Again

    Let me wager a guess, if he/she is black he/she will say "I was singled out due to racism."

  • Todd Hall

    A $20 part can solve this issue WOW Look up school bus rear door buzzer, youll see lol

  • Mack Khan

    Why just fire the driver? Why not hang the driver? Firing means he or he is free to move out of state, find another similar job and repeat the mistake. It is clear there is something wrong with this driver's mental state to not follow proper protocol before locking up for the day.

  • Todd Hall

    The School could have installed a buzzer that turns on in the back after the bus is shut off. It forces the driver to walk back and turn the buzzer off manually. (this is an option they can add when buying the bus) As the driver walks back they are to look for children before leaving the bus for the day. I wonder if anyone knows this and feels the School share responsibility in this as well? Knowing people they jumped in with out knowing this and blame an exhausted driver that gets up at 3 am and doesn't employee SOP's standard operating procedures

  • Harry Anslinger

    This keeps happening. There should be technology solutions to ensure children aren't left unattended in vehicles.

  • Quantez Williams

    I would like some more details. Termination seems overly harsh. Is the driver supposed to do a check for missing children before locking up the bus for the day?

  • Sunshine1229

    I think that is a well justified conclusion.

  • Joe_2020

    Glad to hear there is some accountability.