The Note: Taking Trump neither literally nor seriously

The TAKE with Rick Klein The Washington Post has recorded a landmark: President Donald Trump has, by the newspaper’s count, surpassed 3,000 false or misleading claims during his time in office. That mark was met before Trump tweeted that there were "No questions on Collusion" among the purported Read more

Indonesia bombings that killed 8 in churches continue for 2nd day

A day after at least 8 people were killed in suicide bombings in churches in Indonesia, suspected militants attacked a police headquarters in the same city of Surabaya, the country's second largest. Police believe six members of one family carried out Sunday’s deadly, back-to-back bombings that Read more

Trump's Syria aid freeze hits 'White Helmets' rescue workers

The U.S. has suspended aid to the Syrian humanitarian group known as the White Helmets , the State Department confirmed to ABC News. The money is part of a $200 million package of aid to Syria that was frozen in March and is still "under review," according to a State Department official. President Read more

US backed rebels in Syria resume fight against ISIS

A U.S.-backed rebel force in Syria says it will resume its offensive to defeat ISIS in the country. The renewed offensive comes months after the fight against ISIS in eastern Syria stalled after Kurdish fighters from the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces headed to western Syria to help fight off Read more