School Closings

School Closings
A look at how the decision is made to close schools.

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Due to all the snow on the East Coast, a lot of schools will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, January 26th). It’s a great thing if you’re a kid, but not so great for parents. To make it fun for

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The shutters came down for the final time today on the last remaining Toys R Us stores in the UK. The company's collapse has left more than 2,000 people looking for new jobs. But they aren't the

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My new game, Another Perspective! http://shaunspalding.co.uk/AnotherPerspective/ By popular request, a simple tutorial on setting up GM:S with Android. Based on the instructions from the Yoyo wiki:

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Today is back to school for the kids. However Leland doesn't want to go back to school. Daddy finds him in the living room playing the xbox. What happens next when daddy tries to get both kids ready