Hannity, Cohen & POTUS Attacked by Mueller :Federal Judge Kimba Wood slows Probe

Hannity, Cohen & POTUS Attacked by Mueller :Federal Judge Kimba Wood slows Probe
Robert Mueller is using surrogate US Attorney office in the Southern District of New York & FBI field office to raid President Trump's personal attorney's office and seize documents.Become an InspoNews partner @ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/insponews  https://goo.gl/Ap4j9s (Square) In Federal Court Judge Kimba Wood however will not allow the "attorney client privilege documents" that Rod Rosenstein & Mueller surrogates (out of Geoffrey Berman's office) seized - to be examined by DOJ attorneys and staff -- without President Trump's and Michael Cohen's attorneys present.  This will slow down the witch hunt investigation of Cohen's docs DOJ assistant US attorney Mr. Thomas McKay. 
Even still, DOJ and MSM media take a swipe at Sean Hannity- trying to chill his free speech in support of the president - a brazen attack on the freedom of the press and a tyrannical attempt to sully and besmirch the reputations of both Sean Hannity and Michael Cohen.  This goes to the heart of the criminal and unconstitutional motives of the Mueller Probe which contagion has now reduplicated itself and spreading into the New York Southern District- of course- where all of Michael Cohen's and President Trump's business and personal documents reside. Mueller & Rosenstein have deftly and deceitfully moved from Russian collusion (of which there is none) to trying to attack all three on peripheral charges - technical process crimes or misdemeanors  - anything that could destroy this hard working "peoples" Presidency. Meanwhile- a weak and recused- possibly conspiratorial Attorney General Jeff Sessions looks on. This treason and sedition- obstruction of justice by this Special,Counsel needs to be stopped and counter investigated immediately via a NEW ATTORNEY GENERAL. The American people have had enough of this travesty of Justice which keeps trying to pull the nation backwards and downwards. Even this Hillary confidante, Soros backed Federal Judge felt things were going awry with this DOJ Investigation of your President and his personal attorney.

Jeff Sessions should have been fired a year ago.
We pray that He would resign. *CALL THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, Tell them you want the Mueller Probe ended or Jeff Sessions to resign. 1-202-514-2000/ 202-353-1555
Call the White House - tell them you want Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller fired ASAP:  1-202-456-1111
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SUMMARY OF OUR InspoNews ADVISE 4-18-18 We know the SES spy state is ready to threaten & blackmail any one who seeks to expose it's globalist schemes.  It's true - but sometimes the patriot and freedom lover must be brave and STAND and FIGHT. Whether he fights or waits passively - they are going to try and remove him from office no matter. With a GOP majority in the HOUSE I like his chances of winning now more than later.  If he waits too long they will have him demoralized and surrounded. There has already been enough ethical and constitutional violations by Rosenstein to warrant his constitutional right to fire him - to any fair minded American that is.  Problem is the country  seems trump be in short supply of courageous people who love truth and who are fair.  But if he waits - he is undone.
Although God's is upon our president - wisdom and counsel is needed and life yields its best to the DILIGENT!  1 Timothy 2:2
Love to all Federico

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