Goalie Reaction Ball

Goalie Reaction Ball
Take your off-season and pre-game workouts to a new level with this popular high performance training tool. The Goalie Reaction Ball is the perfect training aid for all goalies and all athletes in training alike.

Train reaction time and hand-eye coordination. The fast return bounce of this all rubber white ball with our black focus-eye dots forces athletes to make split-second decisions in order to catch the ball. The speed bounce helps train reaction time and hand-eye coordination, so athletes improve overall coordination and depth perception. Throw the balls against any hard surface for multi-dimensional drills. Position the wrist band on either arm or use a belt for additional drill variations.

When bounced off the floor, the Goalie Reaction Ball returns with speed. The harder you release the ball, the faster it returns, No chasing the ball. The Goalie Reaction Ball helps develop speed and agility as well as the all-important hand-eye coordination

Pick up yours at http://www.xhockeyproducts.com/goalie-reaction-ball.html

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