Zac Efron CONFIRMS Alexandra Daddario Relationship With RISQUE Instagram Comments?

Zac Efron CONFIRMS Alexandra Daddario Relationship With RISQUE Instagram Comments?
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Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario worked together on the set of baywatch and they have definitely come out of that project a lot closer.. And most likely more than friends. The reason people are shpping them so hard is because Zac left a pretty flirty comment on Daddario’s instagram post of her glammed up for the Rampage Red carpet premiere, the photo is of her and her dog Levon sharing a cute moment. And zac seized the opportunity to comment “two hot bitches” with a whole bunch of emoji’s. Which predictably sent fans into a frenzie with folks replying to his comment “OMG I SHIIIP” “YES THE PERFECT COUPLE” and more. 

Buuuut Alexandra didn’t comment back.. Uh oh. But that’s not the end for these two, because over on Zac’s instagram, he posted a photo of himself with his adorable new dog he saved from a kill shelter: MACA, and that definitely got her attention. Alexandra commented “angel dog” and Zac wasn’t gonna let her get away so he replied “doggie date?”

Lo and behold, last week, they had their doggie date, and it was pretty dang adorable. Their cute comments to each other have been getting increasingly more public since the relationship rumors were first ignited in 2017. A source told People last week that they have been seeing each other, but it’s been on and off since working together on Baywatch. Well hopefully Zac keeps pursuing her, because that’s probably the most attractive couple i can possibly think of. 

So what do you guys think? Is this thing going to be official? Or are their lives just too crazy for that sort of thing? Let me know in the comment section down below and when you’re done with that be sure to subscribe to clevver news for more fresh updates. I’m tom plumley but before i go, did you know shawn mendes and hailey baldwin are officially official? It’s true, get all the details by clicking right over here and as always, thanks for watching. 

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