[SAMP 0.3z] - How to Get Unbanned from any SAMP Server 2014 [Download Link] ● Axpi

[SAMP 0.3z] - How to Get Unbanned from any SAMP Server 2014 [Download Link] ● Axpi
►►►►How to Get Unbanned from any SAMP Server 2014◄◄◄◄

►G2A: https://www.g2a.com/r/axpi
►Info: Bella Bros, qua Axpi con questo nuovo tutorial richiesto da molti di voi per sbannarsi da ogni server SAMP. In questo video vi mostrerò come con il programma SoftEther VPN Client Manager potrete cambiare in modo molto semplice e veloce con pochissimi click il vostro VPN installando una Virtual Network Adaprter.
Ovviamente con questo programma voi sbannerete SOLO l'ip in modo tale da poter entrare nel server con altri nomi quindi se giocate in server RP potete sbannarvi cambiando VPN ma non potrete giocare con lo stesso account in quanto bannato. 
Hey Guys I'm Axpi and in this video I want to show you how to change your VPN to get unbanned from any SAMP server. It's very easy with SoftEther VPN Client Manager! You need to install this program and to install to a Virtual Network Adaprter after you install it. To do this you need to click right mouse in the space of Virtual Network Adaprter Name and click New Virtual Network Adaprter. Now do what i do in this video. 
Ah, whit this program you change your VPN so if you play in a RP server you won't get unbanned because your account will be banned.

►DOWNLOAD: http://adf.ly/rxazL
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