Regional Fast Food Restaurants We Wish Were Everywhere

Regional Fast Food Restaurants We Wish Were Everywhere
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One of the highlights of any U.S. road trip is hitting up fast-food joints along the way. These grab-and-go restaurants are built around their core communities, founded by people who are passionate about their product, and staffed by locals who make it all happen.  Regional fast food restaurants make traveling in the U.S. totally delicious. But chances are, those flavors can only be found in certain parts of the country. Here are a few of the most uniquely regional fast food restaurants we wish we could dig into everywhere…

Friendly's | 0:26
Torchy's Tacos | 1:01
Pal's Sudden Service | 2:05
Shake Shack | 2:43
Taco Cabana | 3:25
In-N-Out Burger | 4:13

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