Weird Mysterious Events Caught on Tape 2017 | Mysterious Videos of Unexplained Strange Things

Weird Mysterious Events Caught on Tape 2017 | Mysterious Videos of Unexplained Strange Things
These are the weirdest mysterious events caught on tape for 2017.  These strange videos by Viral Empire are mind boggling and downright weird! 

Our compilation of weird videos caught on camera includes:
1. Mysterious Video of Man struck by lightning twice in a row.
2. Man runs into an invisible wall.
3. Bizarre People crashing into glass door.
4. Cyclist mysteriously saved by unexplained force before getting hit by train. Unsolved mysteries!
5. Cars in China hit by invisible force and fly in the air in a strange phenomenon captured by traffic CCTV
6. Real life vampire walks past mirror with no reflection.
7. Strange footage found in Catacombs of Paris featuring a lost explorer who encountered a mysterious creature. 

How do you feel when you see these mysterious creatures caught on camera? Are these unexplained events real or fake? How do you explain these bizzare occurences and mysterious things? There are truly many unexplained mysteries in the world.  

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Hope you enjoy our strange unexplained mysteries caught on camera and scary paranormal mystery video! 

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