Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers

Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers
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When you go to a fast food joint, you're not asking for much: a fast, filling meal at a decent price, and… that's about it. But sometimes you don't even get that. So the next time you hit up your local drive-thru for dinner, take a close look at your receipt. Here's a look at some times that fast food restaurants cheated customers...

Burger King's Croissan'wich | 0:19
McDonald's Extra Value Meals | 1:04
Chipotle's calories | 1:48
Dunkin' Donuts' imposter ingredients | 2:41
Jimmy Johns' sprout fiasco | 3:44
McDonald's fry cheat | 4:23
Subway's great "footlong" debate | 4:48

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