Fortnite WEEK 3 CHALLENGES GUIDE! – RUBBER DUCKIES Locations, Treasure map (Battle Royale Season 4)

Fortnite WEEK 3 CHALLENGES GUIDE! – RUBBER DUCKIES Locations, Treasure map (Battle Royale Season 4)
Fortnite week 3 challenges battle pass guide featuring the season 4 rubber duckies locations, salty springs treasure map, Lonely Lodge chests, tilted towers elimination tips, sniper elimination tricks, and more in Fortnite Battle Royale. These will help you in tomorrow’s update with 50v50 v2, Thanos mode, and new items. Also it'll help you get the carbide/blockbuster challenges and upgraded Omega skin! Can’t wait to get some dope ducky funny moments and kills with these new items. And this maps treasure clue: follow the treasure map found in salty springs.
CREDIT: fortnitetracker.com

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