10 CRAZY Plays You've NEVER SEEN BEFORE - NBA 2K18 Top Plays Of The Week!

10 CRAZY Plays You've NEVER SEEN BEFORE - NBA 2K18 Top Plays Of The Week!
NBA 2K18 Top 10 Plays of The Week. 10 Crazy Plays You've Never Seen Before. VOTE HERE: http://pollmaker.vote/p/D75FZ36N

★MyPlayer 6'7 218lb Playmaking Shot Creator PG★
★JumpShot -  Base 8 Jordan Release

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To Send In A Clip For The Top 10 Plays: 
Email: ShakeDownTop10@Yahoo.com

How To Send In A Clip! 
PS4 Users: Use Share Factory & Upload to YouTube "Unlisted"
XB1 Users: Get the YouTube App & Upload to YouTube "Unlisted"

To Submit your clip on YouTube:
1. Upload an HD clip Unlisted (instead of Public or Private)
2. Title it "(Your Name) for ShakeDown2012's Top 10" ex: "Tim for ShakeDown2012..." Specify Top 10 Dunks, Blocks, Crossovers etc.
3. You can submit more than one HD clip
4. Remove the Circle by Holding LB & RB (L1 or R1) in instant replay
5. Send the Clip to ShakeDownTop10@yahoo.com 

TIP: Play it in Regular Motion. 
TIP: Show at least 3 angles.
TIP: PS4, XB1 or PC only.
TIP: No cell phone or camera captured footage.
TIP: No Montages Please. Separate your clips. 


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