9☆common beginner mistakes (drawing manga)

9☆common beginner mistakes (drawing manga)
☆★Please turn on annotations!★☆
This vid was mainly created to share on my DA account. So if it's bad. I'm sorry.

First of all, sorry for the lack of good examples. I had little time to let's say, imitate these mistakes, I lost pretty much all of my old drawings and using other peeps there drawings is just out of question. That's literally the meanest thing to do.

These video is far from good, but I hope I was aible to like, help at least one person. 
Idk man.
Please don't get mad at me for being bad at making vids, it was mainly for DA sorrryyyy!

Okay, I'll do some sort of credit, but before you think I'll credit people for pictures, every drawing in this video was made by me, I'd never use someone else's art and call it bad!

☆ The person I mentioned when I talked about Riceball Baby-faces is iikicchi, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even realize how much he helped me out with that advice, so be sure to check out his Youtube!
☆ The character that serves for most examples belongs to my sister Cyberkyo! I used that drawing as it is the only one that still had as a SAI file on my laptop.
☆ The character with the white hair is Mirakuru and red dipdye belongs to MAJA B. I drew them a really long time ago, which was my attempt to befriend MAJA
☆ The anime that I mentioned is Air, I don't think the artstyle is bad, in fact, I really like it. It was an example to point out that 'the duckface' has a potential to look good.

Thanks for reading!


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